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All of our standalone courses come CPD Certified. Individuals benefit from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by regularly updating their knowledge and skills to remain competent and effective. CPD is based around individual requirements and compliments career aspirations.

CPD enables employees to adapt positively to changes in work or industry requirements. Planning CPD helps employees be efficient with career progression, and recording CPD provides evidence for present and future employers of professional development.

Every account comes with an easy to use “Ask a Trainer” feature which can be found on the Learner Dashboard.

Learners can use this to instantly contact one of our trainers who will reply with a personalised training response. This could be a link to the relevant part of your course, a video tutorial or even remote training.

Our knowledgable staff can help you to source funding from various initiatives to help cover the costs of your training, CPD Certifications and SQA Customised Awards.

Depending on your circumstances, funding can be available for private individuals, companies and educational institutions. To allow us to help you find the appropriate funding, please get in touch.

You can email us at:

Alternatively you can telephone 01355 573 173

When you complete a Concept Learning course you’ll be awarded a badge to recognise your achievement.

Our badges are part of the Mozilla Open Badges framework which means you can collect Concept Learning badges, and badges from other sites, and store them in your virtual backpack. Once you start earning badges you can share them wherever you want such as on social networking sites or on your own CV or website.